Labor on Adopt-A-Trail

Bombing Cuesta, photo Shaw
Cuesta Fire Drop

Happy Labor Day Everyone,

I love Labor Day, it’s our day!  Right?  Labor day is “a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people”.  That’s what I’m talking about, a break from work to celebrate the fact that most of your time is spent working.  I’m okay with that.  Labor Day also marks the end of summer and the oncoming of Fall or backcountry season here in the Los Padres.  You can see it coming.  Trees are changing colors ever so slightly, it’s dark now at 8pm and the mornings are just a little cooler.  It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to summer but I get really fired-up saying hello to Fall and Winter.  Bring it on……

Speaking of labor, big thanks to everyone who fought the Cuesta Fire in SLO County.  The fire is now 100% contained and even with a few flareup scares over the past weeks; the FS, CalFire and others were able to fight it back and keep it under control.  Cuesta ended up burning 2,446 acres and lasted nearly two weeks.  Great work and thank you to everyone involved, I hope you also find some downtime this weekend to celebrate your labor!

AAT Off and Running, photo Spicer
REI Check
The LPFA is excited to announce that we won an REI partner grant and will be kicking off and publicizing an Adopt-A-Trail program in the Los Padres.  While Adopt-A-Trail is nothing new and there are dozens of similar programs around the country, there hasn’t been a large scale active program in the Los Padres.  We’re looking forward to working with the Forest Service, trail organizations, corporate sponsors and volunteers to help facilitate a program where everyone can help make a difference on their favorite trail.  Many many more details to come.  We’re hoping to officially launch the program in early November during a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger BBQ event.  Again, more details to come.  We hope you’re all excited about the potential of being able to help your favorite trail.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact

Another New Kiosk Installed, Lower NIRA Trailhead, photo Fosters
NIRA Kiosk

September 17: Wilderness Protection Summit, Santa Cruz Sierra Club & VWA
September 25-27: LPFA NPLD Alamar Trail Crosscut Sawyer Project

September 26-27: VWA Pico Blanco NPLD Trail Project
September 26: NPLD Santa Barbara, Upper Cold Spring
October 3: Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Monterey in support of the VWA
October 16-18: LPFA Madulce Trail Crosscut Sawyer Project (NOTE NEW DATE)
October 24: Wilderness Symposium, Ojai, Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club
November 7: AAT Launch & VWR Appreciation, Santa Barbara
December 4-6: LPFA Lower Mono-Alamar Trail Project

If you have any events to share, please send them our way.
Enjoy the long weekend…….

LPFA Big Sur Wilderness Celebration

For those of you in the Big Sur area or wanting an excuse to cruise Hwy 1, the LPFA is hosting a Wilderness Celebration at Big Sur Station on Saturday June 27 from 10am – 4pm.  The event will be held outside the Big Sur Station and will feature bluegrass music by the Zach Brough Band, a climbing wall for the kiddies (and non-kiddies), informational booths (Ventana Wildlife Society, Ventana Wilderness Alliance, California State Parks, Forest Service, etc….), food, local photographer exhibits and a children’s arts and crafts area.  Gonna be a great time!  See here for more information.  Hope to see you there…….
The Santa Lucia Ranger District was able to design and secure new kiosks to be placed at 7 of the San Rafael and Dick Smith Wilderness trailheads.  This past weekend, a group of volunteers installed three of the new kiosks at the NIRA and Cachuma Saddle trailheads.  Up next is McPherson Peak, Rancho Nuevo and Santa Barbara Canyon.  If you are interested in helping with the next wave of installations, please email
Mike Smith is leading a trail project in the Sequoia on June 26-28.  The work will be along the Woodpecker Trail and will be mostly chainsaw bucking fallen trees that are blocking the trail.  For more information or to sign up, contact Mike Smith at:

Upcoming Events and Projects
June 27: Big Sur Wilderness Celebration
July 10-12: Bear Sisquoc Crosscut
July 10-12: Santa Barbara 100 Endurance Run Support
August: Madulce Trail Crosscut
September: Alamar Trail Crosscut

Transverse – New Years 2015


Hello Los Padres and Happy New Year!

Hopefully all of you have been out on the trails trying out your new boots, GPS, trekking pole or thermal underwear (it’s been cold!).  If you haven’t gotten out yet, now is the time!  The trails are in great shape (for the most part), water is flowing, campfires are permitted and the weather is looking great for Los Padres outings.  Lets hope one of your resolutions is to spend more time exploring the Forest.

Looking forward to 2015, it’s gonna be another busy year for the LPFA.  Our focus remains getting trails open, helping people enjoy the Forest and sharing whatever information we can to ensure the Forest stays healthy and safe.  We realize there is much competition for your support amongst non-profits and organizations.  As we close out 2014, reflect on your favorite trail and the times you’ve enjoyed in the Forest.  We’d love your support to help keep those trails open and those memories alive.  Click the picture below to join the LPFA and if there is anything we can do to help your LP experience in 2015, feel free to let us know.

Click Below to Join
N E W    F O R E S T    K I O S K S

The LPFA will be working with the Forest Service to install a series of kiosks around the San Rafael and Dick Smith Wilderness trailheads.  We installed the first kiosk at Upper Oso last month and have plans to install the remaining kiosks this winter.  The kiosks were designed by the Forest Service and focus on Leave No Trace and post-fire regrowth.  They are very good.

P R O J E C T S   U P C O M I N G

Upper Franklin Trail, photo Ray Ford

Eastern Hurricane Deck Project: January 16-19

The LPFA is hosting a trail project along he Eastern Hurricane Deck on January 16-19th weekend.  The project will base from White Ledge Camp and work out the Deck towards Lost Valley.  We’ll have stock support so dinner and breakfast will be provided for all volunteers.  If interested in learning more or signing up, contact Curt Cragg at:
We’ll update the status of the project in the coming weeks.

Franklin Trail Project: January 3
There will be another trail project to clear the upper Franklin Trail above Carpinteria.  The project is scheduled for this Saturday January 3.  Great way to start off the New Year with some trail work along a great trail.  For more information contact Ray Ford:

N E W S    &    N O T E S
Lost Valley Sunset, photo Mark Anderson

Los Padres in the Rose Parade
This is very cool!  The Forest Service will participate in this years Rose Parade, featuring a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.  The Los Padres will be represented by 5 employees and super volunteer Mike Heard from the Monterey District.  There will be an assortment of who’s who from the Forest Service riding in 19th century wagons.  If you are not on the trail, turn on the tube and watch the parade – January 1.  Should be fun…….

First Aid, CPR and BBP Certification: February 28
Reminder that we are hosting a First Aid certification on February 28 in Ojai.  If interested, please let us know and we’ll sign you up.

Pine Ridge Trail CLOSED
The Pine Ridge Trail remains closed from Big Sur Station east towards Sykes.  This is due to one large landslide and some other downed trees and smaller slides.  No timetable has been established for when the trail work might begin but it will most likely not happen until after the rains stop.  We will keep you posted.

Happy New Year Everyone!