Graffiti Removal

The LPFA is spearheading the charge for Graffiti removal from trails across the Los Padres National Forest, including the Santa Barbara front country, East Camino Cielo Road, and Santa Paula Canyon.

Graffiti is bad for the environment.

Unlike trash, graffiti is not easily removable and its impact is long lasting, as toxic chemicals from paints ultimately leach into the environment. Graffiti violates Leave No Trace principles, and often times the chemicals used to remove it are also not great. Once graffiti shows up in nature, it invites others to deface it even more, making the problem worse.

Graffiti is Vandalism

Vandalism, graffiti, and defacing of trees and rocks is a problem in easily accessed areas close to urban populations. But this behavior is not only problematic, it’s also criminal. If caught in the act, the person responsible could face steep fines of at least $5,000 and would be prosecuted through the federal government.

Help us clean up graffiti in the Los Padres National Forest!

Join the LPFA Graffiti Removal Squad! We are currently seeking volunteers who want to help eradicate graffiti from the LPNF. You will be trained and provided with all the necessary equipment. Enjoy some time in nature and help restore its beauty.

Email to get involved!

Support the Graffiti Removal Program

We appreciate any and all help in our efforts! If you aren’t able to join us on the trail, you can still help us fundraise for the materials we need. To make a contribution to help remove graffiti, select “Graffiti Removal Program” in the donation designation below.

Help us locate Graffiti in the Los Padres

If you are out on the trail and locate graffiti, you can submit a report on, send us a dropped pin from your location, or if you have an iPhone, make sure your location tracking is turned on and send us the photo from where you find the graffiti. We appreciate all the folks who are helping keep the Los Padres National Forest graffiti free!