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Founded in 1979, the LPFA is an official non-profit 501(c)(3) partner of the Los Padres National Forest.  Our mission is to care for the Los Padres Forest, ensuring it thrives and remains safe and open for the people to use and enjoy.

The LPFA shares the Forest Service motto of “Caring for the Land and Serving the People.”  We love nothing more than to help people enjoy their time in the Los Padres in a sustainable and respectful manner.  If you have any questions about the forest, trails, camps or anything Los Padres related – we are more than happy to help!

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The Los Padres National Forest is the second largest forest in California.  It stretches across the central coast from Los Angeles County up to Monterey.  There are 10 designated wilderness areas within the Los Padres, along with thousands of miles of trails and some of the most spectacular natural wildlife and scenery.  With elevations ranging from sea level to almost 9,000ft, the Los Padres offers a wide assortment of recreational activities including surfing, skiing, hunting, backpacking, mountain biking, bird watching or sitting next to a creek reading a book.  It is also home to thousands of black bear, mountain lion, steelhead trout and of course the iconic California condor.

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Maybe the most amazing thing about the Los Padres is that it is located within a few hours of over 25,000,000 people!  In today’s hurried world of devices pinging at you, urban sprawl and constant availability; having the option to get out of town and spend time in the mountains away from the chaos is something so simple, yet so hard to achieve.  We need places like the Los Padres and these places need groups like the LPFA helping keep them wild and open.

The LPFA helps coordinate volunteer projects across the Los Padres Forest. Our volunteers work to keep trails open, report and assess forest conditions and provide public education on how to safely use the forest.  Shoot us an email if you are interested in learning more about the LPFA, would like to volunteer or would like to sign up for our weekly Los Padres E-Newsletter.

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Los Padres Forest Association

Los Padres Forest Association

Collaborating with the Los Padres Forest to provide volunteer trail maintenance support, community outreach projects and outdoor recreation opportunities.

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-HAPPY HOLLOW DAYS!-Have you been to Happy Hollow? Happy Hollow is a Forest Service campsite and geographic depression located near the summit of Little Pine Mountain within the Santa Barbara Backcountry. Happy Hollow is most commonly visited from Upper Oso Trailhead by either climbing 6 steep single track miles along the Santa Cruz Trail or following the Buckhorn OHV Road 11 miles up to Little Pine.-We're not quite sure when Happy Hollow got the first part of its name but the hollow description is very appropriate as Happy Hollow is situated within a depression surrounded by the four summits of Little Pine Mountain. For you cartographers out there, hash marks on the inside of contours are the map symbol for a depression, see map. The depression at Happy Hollow is unique to the SB backcountry and as you look around from within you'll notice that it feels more like a caldera than our typical mountain summits.-While the depression might be fascinating, the lack of vegetation is also quite depressing. As recently as 15 years ago, Happy Hollow was covered in a thick forest of pines, cedars and firs (see photo from @RayFord circa 1980's). Sadly, Happy Hollow burned in the 2007 Zaca Fire and again in the 2016 Rey Fire. What was once a thick coniferous forest is now mostly grasses and chaparral. That being said, there remain a few hearty firs which survived the fires and a smattering of saplings hoping to lead the way for the next generation of trees.-The LPFA spent a lot of time at Happy Hollow this past October and November working to renovate the campground and protect the nearby potreros.If you go visit you'll see some new fencing designed to keep OHVers in-bounds since the previous fencing was destroyed in the fires. If you've not been to Happy Hollow, you might want to put it on your list of places to check out. The Santa Cruz Trail is still a bit rough in spots but Happy Hollow remains a terrific location for OHVers, mtn bikers, backpackers and day hikers. Happy Hollow Days to you and best wishes for a terrific 2022!--#happyhollowdays #happyholidays #cleverright #lospadresnationalforest #santacruztrail #HappyNewYear #happyhollow #littlepinemountain ... See MoreSee Less
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Spanning the Los Padres to bring you the constant variety of forest use... the thrill of victory... and the agony of bushwhacking... the human drama of natural competition... This is "LP's Wide World of SOMETHING!"-Love to hear your thoughts.....--www.avweb.com/aviation-news/plane-crash-video-sparks-online-backlash/www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbYszLNZxhM--#worththewatch #worththeannoyingnothotlink #lospadresnationalforest #planecrash #mightknowwhere #mightnot #probablyshould #whatdoyouthink ? #happynewyear #besafefriends ... See MoreSee Less
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-ALISAL FIRE CLOSURE-Earlier this week the Forest Service revised and extended the Alisal Fire closure through April 30, 2022. See map for extent of the closure. Note that the closure includes all the trails at Baron Ranch.--#SharingInformation #lospadresnationalforest #AlisalFire #fireclosure #baronranch #baronranchtrail #arroyoquemadotrail #westcaminocielo #gaviotapeak #gaviotastatepark #refugioroad ... See MoreSee Less
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Some fresh trail work on Figueroa Mountain….--#MoreComingTomorrow #lospadresnationalforest #figueroamountain #trailwork #dirtsperfect #soilsepic Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. #comevolunteerwithus #happyhollowdays ... See MoreSee Less
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