Founded in 1979, the LPFA is an official non-profit 501(c)(3) partner of the Los Padres National Forest.  Our mission is to care for the Los Padres Forest, ensuring it thrives and remains safe and open for the people to use and enjoy.
The LPFA shares the Forest Service motto of “Caring for the Land and Serving the People.”  We love nothing more than to help people enjoy their time in the Los Padres in a sustainable and respectful manner.  If you have any questions about the forest, trails, camps or anything Los Padres related – we are more than happy to help!


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The Los Padres National Forest is the second largest forest in California.  It stretches across the central coast from Los Angeles County up to Monterey.  There are 10 designated wilderness areas within the Los Padres, along with thousands of miles of trails and some of the most spectacular natural wildlife and scenery.  With elevations ranging from sea level to almost 9,000ft, the Los Padres offers a wide assortment of recreational activities including surfing, skiing, hunting, backpacking, mountain biking, bird watching or sitting next to a creek reading a book.  It is also home to thousands of black bear, mountain lion, steelhead trout and of course the iconic California condor.

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Maybe the most amazing thing about the Los Padres is that it is located within a few hours of over 25,000,000 people!  In today’s hurried world of devices pinging at you, urban sprawl and constant availability; having the option to get out of town and spend time in the mountains away from the chaos is something so simple, yet so hard to achieve.  We need places like the Los Padres and these places need groups like the LPFA helping keep them wild and open.

The LPFA helps coordinate volunteer projects across the Los Padres Forest. Our volunteers work to keep trails open, report and assess forest conditions and provide public education on how to safely use the forest.

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Los Padres Forest Association

Los Padres Forest Association

Collaborating with the Los Padres Forest to provide volunteer trail maintenance support, community outreach projects and outdoor recreation opportunities.

-A-ZONE HUNTING SEASON: August 13 - September 25-The busiest and geographically largest deer season in the Los Padres is A-Zone South which opens this weekend Saturday August 13 and lasts through September 25. A-Zone covers most of the Los Padres basically from the Sespe up through Big Sur and while A-Zone has been open for archery over the past month or so, it's this weekend that it opens for general rifle season. If you've not been out for opening A-Zone weekend, it's certainly the busiest weekend of the year here in the Los Padres and you should expect to see hunters camping at most of the trailheads, turnouts and campgrounds that provide access into the forest. If you have plans to hike, backpack, ride or visit the forest this weekend, be aware that it might be very busy within A-Zone and if you're not a hunter then you might want to rethink your plans and head elsewhere. If you are heading into A-Zone, be sure to wear brighter colors than you might normally wear and be courteous of the other forest-users. If see a group of hunters at the trailhead or come across some hunters along the trail, it's always a good idea to ask where they are going and let them know where you are going so as to prevent any surprises further up the trail. You likely don't want to get in the way of their hunt and they certainly won't want that either. Most of the hunters are very knowledgeable about the Los Padres and have been enjoying the forest for generations. Expect a busy weekend around A-Zone, be respectful and of course everyone be safe out there.---#lospadresnationalforest #firerestrictionsineffect #azonesouth #deerseason #berespectful #besafe ... See MoreSee Less
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JULY TRAIL MILES WORKED-Earlier this week we asked y'all to predict the number of trail miles the LPFA maintained in July. It was surprising that 86% of you thought we had accomplished over 6 miles of trail work. That's a lot of miles, especially in the July heat. Not all trail miles are created equal and not all trails are maintained to the same standard but the good news is that 86% of you were correct! We in fact accomplished 6.1 miles of trail work in July! #WootWoot-0.8 miles on the Davy Brown Trail from the campground up to the junction with the Willow Spring Trail. #PoisonOakCity-1.7 miles on the Mission Pine Trail from McKinley Saddle to San Rafael Mountain. #TrailVolunteersRule-0.9 miles on the Santa Cruz Trail, specifically working the trail around the Little Pine Spring turnoff. #40MileWallIsInOurSights-0.65 miles on the White Rock Trail along the north slope of Figueroa Mountain. #MayTheChamiseBeWithYou-0.6 miles along the lower Lion Canyon Trail off of Rose Valley. Most of this work was cutting out approx 25 downed trees from the trail. #NoLionTheTreesKeepFallin-1.45 miles on the North Fork Matilija Trail. We spent 2 weeks in the Matilija both car-camping and spike camping up the canyon with a 3-4 person crew. The work was focused on the trail between Matilija and Middle Matilija Camps. Work here was slow going between the heat and excessive grubbing of deerweed and buckwheat but it's looking great out there. We'll be back. #ThomasFireRegrowthIsTough-#QuiteAMonth Huge thanks to the Trail Crew and volunteers who braved the heat, snakes and poison oak to continue our ambitious summertime program of trail work. And of course none of this would be possible without the LPFA donors, members and grants received that keep the Trail Crew moving forward. #UpNext_August--#lospadresnationalforest #trailvolunteersweloveyou #lpfatrailcare #lpfatrailvolunteers #beforeandafterlp @nationalforests @lospadresnationalforest special thanks @mtbchriso & @susiethielmann #figueroamountain #matilijawilderness #thomasfire #youthtrailcrew #summertrailwork #bestjulyever ... See MoreSee Less
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-ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY RIDICULOUSNESS-The LPFA has been organizing monthly cleanups along a 3-mile section of Highway 33 for the past few years as part of the Adopt-A-Highway program. The cleanups are very rewarding and we usually end up collecting 3-4 bags of trash consisting mostly of cast off beer cans, fast food wrappers and highway detritus. While most of the cleanups are pretty standard, on occasion, like this past July, we discover things along the side of the road that make you gasp in a horror and wonder WT_ people are thinking.....-Mid-cleanup and we're collecting the usual suspects of beer cans, broken taillights and candy wrappers when we noticed a gathering of brightly colored "trash" poking out of the knee high dry grass. Reaching in there with the grabbers we noticed that this trash was different, this was an assortment of 8-10 used fireworks spread out along a turnout and discarded across both sides of Hwy 33. One of them had a warning that read "CAUTION: Emits Showers of Sparks". Talk about stupidity.-Moving on, a couple turns up the road we caught the glimmer of an unbroken Evan Williams bottle down off the side of the Hwy just above the creek. Digging in we ended up finding a horrific stash of over 25 gallon sized cans of paint, spackling and turpentine thrown on top of another couple piles of garbage. Some of the paint cans were leaking onto old clothing, kitchen waste and baby toys - yuck - all less than 10 yards from the beautiful flowing Matilija Creek. Someone just drove up and threw all that crap waste right there just above the creek. What sort of an a-hole does something like that?-It was an ugly job but we got it done, HUGE THANKS to our volunteers for going above and beyond the usual tame food wrappers and beer cans. Certainly does make you reconsider the intelligence and laziness of ________ .---#adoptahighway #caltrans #lospadresnationalforest #highway33 #ojai #venturacounty #volunteersgoingaboveandbeyond #grossstuff #whatcouldhavehappened #whatdidhappen #stupidity #lazygoodfornothings #wheelergorgevisitorcenter #lpfavolunteers ... See MoreSee Less
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-LION CYN TREE CLEARING-Busy day yesterday helping the Los Padres across the Ojai Ranger District. The morning started with three LPFA volunteers clearing downed trees along the lower part of the Lion Canyon Trail. Lion Cyn burned in the 2017/2018 Thomas Fire and while the trail has been completely reworked twice since then, the lower part of the trail continues to suffer from frequent fire-damaged trees falling across the trail. Yesterday we cleared approximately 25 downed trees and slumping overhangs. The trail is looking good, ready again for use and some great pools remain in the lower shady sections as well. Go get some!-Thanks to those of you who reported the Lion Cyn downed trees, keep those reports coming in via email (, HikeLosPadres or DM. More on the rest of the day later.....---#thomasfire #lospadresnationalforest #todaywasagoodday #hikelospadres #lioncanyontrail #ojai #venturabackcountry #lpfatrailvolunteers @camponenation @lospadresnationalforest #lpfatrailcare #beforeandafterlp #trailslookinggreat #gogetsome ... See MoreSee Less
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-FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN TRAILS UPDATE-It's been hot and poison oaky, we aren't going to lie, but the LPFA Trail Crew has been braving the itchy heat the past 6 weeks working hard restoring the trails along Figueroa Mountain. We've now wrapped up work on Davy Brown, Willow Spring and Willow Connector and have completed most of the other trails out there as well. It's looking real good, better than it has in decades. The Crew has now moved over to the Matilija Wilderness for a few weeks clearing the trail up to Middle Matilija Camp but we will be returning to wrap up Fig as time and weather allows over the remainder of the summer. It's hot out there but still plenty of good trails to explore if you pick your time and location wisely. Go get some.....---#lospadresnationalforest #lpfatrailcrew #lpfa_trailcrew #figueroamountain @figmtnbrew @santabarbarafoundation @corn_dog4 #beforeandafterlp #hotanditchy #davybrowncampground #davybrowntrail @sirromsaj #lookinggoodfeelinggood ... See MoreSee Less
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