Surfing Los Padres


Greetings Everyone,

Hope you are getting some trail time in this spring-like February we’ve endured.  Big news from the LPFA this week is a partnership event we are hosting next week at Surf Brewery in Ventura.  On Thursday the 25th we’ll be at Surf Brewery sharing suds and talking forest stories.  There will be a raffle, prizes, a few fan favorite games, stunning LP photos and best of all 20% of all beer sales will go towards a Ventura trail project of our choice.  We’re helping launch a new Adopt-A-Trail program and the funds raised will go towards Surf Brewery adopting a Ventura County trail.  Should be a great time!  We’re calling it Surf & Turf, but don’t come expecting lobster and steak, come expecting great beer, good fun, forest support and a Mexican food truck parked outside.  See attached flier for more information and hope to see you there……

The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) in conjunction with the Forest Service is hosting a 4-day trail summit this week focused on teaching advanced trail maintenance practices both for volunteers and land managers.  The class runs from Thursday to Sunday of this week.  Day 1 was excellent with representatives attending from across the forest and from many trail organizations and government agencies.  The instructors are from across the Western US and have incredible knowledge to share.  It’s great to not only learn new techniques from these experts but also getting everyone in one room to talk about their challenges and share stories is invaluable.  The brush and slough should be shaking in their boots, cause we’re coming……..

Potrero John, Photo, Ranger Heidi

Trail Projects Upcoming
As mentioned last time, there are a ton of LPFA projects scheduled this spring.  Anything from day projects to 10 day Working Vacations.  We’d love your help and we’re sure you’ll have a great time giving back to the trails.  Check our calendar for more information and email to sign up!

Wheeler Gorge Open House
Speaking of calendars, you’ll want to put this on yours for sure.  On April 16 the Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center will be hosting the 12th Annual Wheeler Open House.  This event kicks off the summer season of interpretive events at Wheeler Gorge.  The Open House will have exhibits from local organizations and persons-of-interest, as well as food, games and guided outdoor recreation opportunities.  We’ll share more soon but get it on your calendar!

Potrero John Trail Project
The Ojai Ranger District will be hosting a trail maintenance project along the Potrero John Trail off Hwy 33 on February 27.  For more information contact Heidi Anderson at:

Backpacking Fundamentals Class
Looking to learn how to backpack, take that next step from weekend-warrior to section-hiker or perhaps fine-tune your gear, there are a few backpacking classes open this spring that will no doubt help your backpacking experience.
• Santa Barbara: Curt Cragg is teaching his third class starting March 1 and lasting 5 weeks.  It’s great!  Information
• Ventura: The Sierra Club Wilderness Basics Course, starting February 24, also great!  Information
• Santa Barbara: James Wapotich Backpacking Made Easy starts March 26, great too!  Information

SLO Condor Reintroduction
Over the past year 7 condors have been reintroduced along the North SLO Coast.  If all goes according to plan there will be 5 additional condors released later in 2016.  Don’t take my word for it though, read it here.

Sundowners Fire Crew Hiring
Are you interested in a career with the Forest Service or in fire?  If so you might want to check out the Sundowners Fire Crew based out of Ojai.  See attached PDF for more information.  The deadline is 2/19, sorry for the short notice.
There have been more and more reports being posted to HikeLosPadres about camp/trail conditions and water availability.  If you are venturing out into the forest, take a few minutes and explore  It never hurts to be as prepared as you can and then please share on HLP when you get back.  The more information we can share the better.  Not only is it good for 2016 trail users but it also creates a historical database of forest events and conditions.  History repeats itself and this will help trail users for decades to come.  The site is easy to use and you don’t have to create a username or share any personal information.  Check it out…….

And one last photo……
WilletDoor  Topatopa Cabin View, photo Hulbert