Sespe Rattlesnake Bite

Click here for YouTube video

Local Los Padres backpacker Dan Susman was bitten by a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake in May 2022 while off-trail deep in the Sespe Wilderness. Dan is a friend of the LPFA and we were fortunate to catch up with him in June 2022 to hear and record his story of the bite, the rescue and the recovery from his rattlesnake bite.

We hope you enjoy the video but more importantly we hope you learn a few things about how to prevent rattlesnake bites, how to aid in getting help after a bite and what the recovery process might look like.

As a thanks to Dan for sharing his story and to hopefully get him back out on the trails as soon as possible, we’d like to buy him a pair of Turtleskin SnakeArmor Rattlesnake Gaiters. If you’d like to contribute towards the gaiters, please click the link below. Thank you……

Rattlesnake Gaiter Fund