Sespe Dreams Are Made of This & COVID Cancellations

Dreaming of Cove Camp but thinking of COVID-19

Hello Friends,

Unless you’ve been wandering the backcountry since December, you’re no doubt aware of the coronavirus and all the worldwide precautions that are underway. As a partner of the Los Padres Forest, the LPFA will be following the Forest Service’s lead with regards to our work within their facilities, on forest lands and how to proceed with scheduled projects and events. Earlier this week we cancelled the Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (VWR) Training, which was to be held on Saturday March 14. For the time being we will be keeping the Visitor Centers at Wheeler Gorge and Big Sur Station open and staffed as usual in order to provide information for the forest community. We are also going to continue moving forward with all of our scheduled outdoor trail projects. These are certainly scary times but being in the forest, away from large groups of people might be the least scary place at the moment and for the time being we want to keep those opportunities open. We’ll be sure to share any updates via social media and our regular email. Stay informed and please be safe.

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Sespe views for days and days, McDonald Peak panoramic


The LPFA has been working to restore many of the trails across the Sespe Wilderness.
Help us out!

Or click here to sign up for our April Working Vacation along the Gene Marshall – Piedra Blanca Trail based at Beartrap Camp.

We love the Sespe!
This is a great way to give back or support this fantastic wilderness area in the Southern Los Padres.

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Remember those shirts that said: GO CLIMB A ROCK ?
Not a bad idea…….


• We’re hiring for the paid LPFA Trail Crew. Check it out……..

• The Forest Service has been continuing their controlled burns in the Pinos, Monterey and Santa Lucia districts. These burns are designed to “reduce hazardous fuels in order to create healthy landscapes that are more resilient to the impacts of drought, disease, insects and uncontrolled wildfire”.

• Speaking of disease and insects (technically arachnids), the California Department of Public Health has been testing ticks across the Los Padres to see if they carry Borrelia burgdorferi, which is the causative agent of Lyme Disease. From what’s been shared to date, they’ve collected nearly 350 ticks from over a dozen different locations and none have tested positive. There are more tests scheduled and we’ll share more information at the conclusion of this program.

Los Padres Trails Recently Maintained, Restored or Worked: Agua Blanca, San Ysidro, Jesusita, Rattlesnake Cyn (SB), Pine Ridge, Matilija, Santa Paula, Matias, Buckhorn, Santa Cruz, Buena Vista, Gene Marshall – Piedra Blanca, Lottie Potrero, Red Reef

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While we weren’t fast enough with the camera to get a photo of this bear as it ran away from us last week,
we were fast enough to photo its tracks in the rapidly melting snow drifts – Big Pine Mtn, SB County


A few upcoming dates, events, projects, presentations or things you might want to know.
If you have any forest-related events to add to this list, let us know and we’re more than happy to pass along!

March 14: Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (VWR) Training (CANCELLED)
March 14: Hwy 33 Adopt-A-Highway, LPFA
March 14: Brushing Pine Ridge Trail, VWA
March 20-22: American Canyon, Machesna Trail Project, LPFA & SLOPOST
March 21: Brushing Pine Ridge Trail, VWA
March 27: Dutra Flat Project, Toejam Trail Alliance

April TBD: Little Falls & Trout Creek Trail Sign Project, LPFA
April 3-9: Beartrap GMPB Sespe Working Vacation, LPFA
April 5: Ojai 1st Saturday (Sunday) Murietta Trail
April 11: Hwy 33 Adopt-A-Highway & Wheeler Cleanup
April 15: Pretty Strong Film, Topa Topa SB
April 16: Aliso Trail Collective, LPFA
April 16: Cachuma Lake Wildflowers, SB Library
April 18: Wheeler Gorge Open House
April 18-19: Davy Brown Earthday Trail Project, LPFA
April 25: State Trails Day SB, Jesusita/Tunnel Trails
April 29: LPFA Trivia at Night Lizard Brewing, SB

May 2-10: Big Cone Spruce Manzana Narrows Working Vacation, LPFA
May 2: Pine Ridge Trail Brushing, VWA
May 16: Pine Ridge Trail Brushing, VWA
May 21: Gaspar de Portola’s Route, SB Library
May 23-31: Indian Creek Working Vacation, Dick Smith, LPFA

June 6: National Trails Day, Location TBD