Santa Barbara 100 Endurance Race: LPFA AID STATION

The 2016 LPFA Aid Station, lit up for the night!

For the fifth running (get it?) year, the LPFA will be hosting an aid station at the Santa Barbara 100 Endurance Race this coming weekend July 14-15.  This year we’ll be setup at the northern trailhead for the Franklin Trail near Jameson Lake under the flume.  We’ll be driving in to our “Flume Chute” aid station on Friday around 6pm, spending the night Friday night under the flume and then heading home Saturday evening around 7pm after the racers have come through our station.

We’ll be marking (flags) the route on Friday from Divide Peak OHV to the Flume Chute and then waking up early Saturday to mark the route up the Franklin Trail as far as Alder Creek Camp.  We’ll then setup our aid station and the first runners should come through around noon on Saturday.  Our job at the aid station is to count the runners, assist them with whatever they need, get them water and some food, a little encouragement and then set them off on their way as they continue their 60 mile run across the Santa Ynez Mountain.  These aid stations are a lot of fun.  It’s great providing encouragement and we always head home feeling motivated after witnessing what these great athletes are able to accomplish.  Empowering.  The final runners will come through around 6pm, after that we’ll pack up and head home.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know:

The Flume at the base of Alder Canyon

2016 Race Start, on your marks, get set, go run 60 miles in 90˚ heat!