LPFA Transverse – It’s Fall?

Hello.  It might technically be Fall now, but doesn’t it feel like Summer still?  Today we had temps across the Los Padres nearing triple digits.  Santa Maria hit an all-time high for October 2 and we had reports from Big Sur that it felt like 95˚ outside.  You gotta love our “Fall”.  October can be one of those crazy times of year where weather can change quickly and the difference between the highs and lows throughout a day can be quite dramatic.  For example, Reyes Creek Campground had a high of 92˚ today and a forecast low of 48˚ tonight.  That’s 44˚ difference, in one day, in one place!  Part of the reason we love the Los Padres……

LPFA clearing the way along Davy Brown

N A T I O N A L   P U B L I C   L A N D S   D A Y

This past weekend was National Public Lands Day (NPLD), which is the single greatest day across the United States for volunteerism on public lands.  The Los Padres strutted her stuff with a series of projects across the forest.  We were forwarded reports of rock work along the Jesusita Trail in Santa Barbara, Davy Brown tree removal, tamarisk eradication in the Chumash and shooting range cleanups near Wheeler Gorge.  All great stuff!  Thanks to all the volunteers, leaders, Forest Service and organizations for helping make NPLD the premier event across the Los Padres.

A Zone Survivors, photo Humphrey
H U N T I N G   D 1 3
Zone D13 opens on Saturday October 11 for deer hunting.  It is open 30days, offering 4,000 tags.  D13 is located mostly in the Ventura and Kern County portions of the Los Padres covering much of the Sespe Wilderness.  You can see a more detailed map at the link below.  For those of you who are not hunting, you may want to think twice about wandering into D13 during the season, especially on the first weekend.  Hunters are usually out at dawn and dusk – another good idea is to lay low during those times of the day and of course wear bright colors.  Be safe and good luck……


V W R   S H O P P I N G

Some of you might recall that the Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (VWR) room at Los Prietos Fire Compound was burned and destroyed in the 2013 White Fire.  Within the room were many of our tools, communication devices and equipment.  Thanks to the generosity of many who donated to the cause, we have started to rebuild our tool supply.  In September we purchased 25 hard hats, nearly 20 Silky handsaws (including a few of the 18″ Katanaboys) and enough gloves to last quite some time.  These tools are available for any Trail Leaders who want to lead a project.  Thanks to all the supporters.  We’re not done yet with the shopping spree, expect more updates on new tools down the road.

E V E N T S   &   V O L U N T E E R

19th ANNUAL CHUMASH POW WOW – Live Oak Campground
Santa Ynez Valley
October 4, 10am-10pm
The Chumash will be hosting their 19th Annual Chumash Inter-Tribal Pow Wow.  It’s a great way to learn a bit more about the Chumash, see some of their traditions and visit booths.  More information:

E.P. FOSTER LIBRARY – Los Padres National Forest Series Part 1
October 4, 5-6pm
The E.P. Foster Library in Ventura is hosting three lectures over October that will feature people and organizations who are doing great things in the Los Padres.  Up first on October 4 is a presentation by the Friends of the California Condor.  For more information:

OJAI RANGER DISTRICT – First Saturday, Don Borad Trail Day
Red Reef Trail, Ojai
October 11
Contact Heidi Anderson: handerson@fs.fed.us
Don Borad was a tireless volunteer for the Ojai District who focused most of his efforts on the Red Reef, Last Chance and Topatopa Bluff Trails.  After his passing a few years ago, the ORD has led an annual trail project in his honor.  It’s a great event and if anyone is interested in helping out please contact Heidi Anderson.

West Camino Cielo, Goleta
October 11
Contact Craig Carey: craigrcarey@gmail.com
Craig will be leading another cleanup to remove trash from an illegal shooting area.  This time at Eastern Tecoloete Canyon along West Camino Cielo.  Much needed!  If interested, let Craig know.

San Rafael Wilderness
October 24-26
The LPFA is hosting a trail project across the Mission Pine Trail from Windy Gap out towards Mission Pine Basin.  We’ll be based out of Bluff Camp and doing two days of trail work.  For more information reach out to Curt Cragg:  cragg.curt@gmail.com

If anyone has events to announce, please let us know – we’d love to include them in upcoming Transverses.
Up next time we’ll talk a bit about dormancy, water conditions and some additional events.  If there are any topics you want us to touch on, let us know.  Take care and happy trails…….