LPFA Transverse – Fall Colors

Fall Sunset Over Santa Cruz Peak, photo Humphrey

Hello Everyone,

I recently asked a friend of mine who grew up on the East Coast if she noticed the seasons here in California.  She has lived here for about a decade and answered saying that the first few years she thought everything was the same color green all year.  But as she got used to our plants, geography and cycles, the seasons started to become very apparent.  I couldn’t agree more.  While we may not have the blatantly obvious beauty of hundreds and hundreds of miles of deciduous trees all changing yellow/red in the Fall, there are more subtle yet equally as spectacular indications of the seasons that you wouldn’t see or might not notice without the experience of spending many years in these parts.  Learning what to look for and how to recognize seasons is a huge ingredient in the acquired taste that is the Los Padres.  Enjoy the Fall…….

Pothole Trail
W O R K I N G   V A C A T I O N

As teased a few weeks back, the LPFA and Ojai Ranger District will be hosting a 3-6 day trail project along the Pothole Trail in the Sespe Wilderness.  The project will be from Friday November 14 through Wednesday November 19.  We’ll have the first crew heading in on Friday to setup base-camp at Log Cabin Camp.  The second team will come in Saturday morning with work starting Saturday as well.  We’ll plan on working from Log Cabin up towards the ridge above the Devils Potrero doing mostly lopping and tread work.  Sunday will be another work day with Monday being a recharge day where people can leave if they have to get home or use the day to hike and explore the area.  Work will resume Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll pack up and head home.

Entry dates are Friday and Saturday with exit dates being Monday or Wednesday.  Feel free to design a trip that fits best with your schedule.  Food will be provided for most meals.  We are also looking for a cook to help with food prep.  If interested in the trail work or a cook role, please RSVP and let us know: info@LPForest.org

Should be a great project and that part of the forest is quite spectacular and wild.  Hope you can join us!

E V E N T S   &   O U T I N G S

A quick plug:

David Stillman
Come see Wilderness Blogger David Stillman talk about his adventures and experiences doing gnarly on and off trail routes across the Los Padres.  See attached flier for more information.