Summer is Off to the Races

Old Man Mtn Bike, photo Cotton Rockwood CottonBike

Hi Everyone,

We hope your summer is going along swimmingly.  For those of you who wish it was more swimmingly, you are not alone.  Swimming holes across the Los Padres are drying up and it was just announced that Lake Cachuma has hit an all-time low water level, yikes!  That being said, there are still those epic year-round pools hidden here or there and plenty of water flowing in the creeks across the Big Sur region.  There’s also some areas that still have green grass and wildflowers for those of you interested in heading to the high country.  All this being said, it’s still a great time to get out and enjoy the Los Padres.  Just be sure to plan accordingly, bring more water than you think you need and remember no campfires in the backcountry!  And when you get back, we’d love to see some photos or hear your tales…….

Buckhorn Aid Station

For those of you who are trail runners, here are a few upcoming events that you might be interested in:

Robert Gilcrest is once again hosting this 100 mile and 100 kilometer endurance run across the Santa Barbara Backcountry and Frontcountry.  The race begins at Lower Oso and winds its’ way up, down, across, over onto the frontcountry, back up, over towards Divide Peak and then back again to Lower Oso.  100 miles!  It’s pretty amazing to see these athletes challenge themselves over that distance.  For those of you who might want to give it a shot, signups are still available, click the link above.

The LPFA will be helping the event by overseeing an Aid Stations along Buckhorn Rd above Upper Oso.  We’ll be out there helping the runners from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.  If you’re interested in helping, please let us know.  Even a few hours of support would be greatly appreciated.  Our job is to make sure the runners get whatever water and nutrition they need in order to finish the race.  And then we cheer them on and have a great time while doing it.  If interested, email to sign up.

REI is sponsoring the 2nd annual REI Trail Run 5k Race at Elings Park, Santa Barbara on Sunday July 24.  If you would like to join the race, check the link above.  They are also looking for a few volunteers who might be able to help with the race in the morning from 7-11am.  If interested let us know,

Another cool looking running event scheduled for later this summer is the inaugural Island View Trail Race along the newly rediscovered Franklin Trail above Carpinteria.  The course is 4 miles long, follows the Franklin Trail and all proceeds from the event go towards the Santa Barbara County Trails Council as they continue working towards restoring the Franklin Trail.  If interested, check the link above.

A few upcoming dates, events, projects, presentations or things you might want to know.
If you have any forest-related events to add to this list, let us know and we’re more than happy to pimp your event!

June 30: Mountain Bike Activism Presentation at Patagonia, Ventura

July 7: SBMTV Not2Bad Film Screening, Bicycle Bob’s Goleta
July 8-10: Santa Barbara 100 Endurance Aid Station, Volunteers Needed!
July 21: LPFA Trail Talk Series, Condor Trail
July 24: REI Trail Run Series, Elings Park

August 11: Santa Ynez Valley Historic Museum, Chumash Trails
August 11-13: LPFA Madulce Trail Sawyer Project
August 13: A-Zone South Hunting Season Starts

September 8: Santa Ynez Valley Historic Museum, Walking El Camino Real
September 11: Island View Trail Race
September 14: LPFA Backpacking Fundamentals Class
September 24: National Public Lands Day Trail Project, Lion Canyon Trail, Ojai

October 13: Santa Ynez Valley Historic Museum, Rangers of the San Rafael Wilderness
October 16: D-13 Hunting Season Starts
October 22: LPFA Used Gear Sale
October 29: LPFA First Aid & CPR Training

I told you there’s still a little green out there, even in the golden hour, Pine Mtn Campground, June 24