LPFA Transverse – A Zone Hunting 2014

                    Good Afternoon Los Padres,The main topic of today’s update is the start of the A Zone South hunting season, but before we get into that we have a special congratulations to share.  A few years ago, while on a trail project, I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and Sonia.  Matt and Sonia live in Ojai and over the past 5+ years have dedicated as much time to maintaining the trails of the Ojai and Mt Pinos Ranger Districts as anyone.  Matt is a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger / C certified sawyer and he literally jumps at just the mention of cutting out fallen trees.  It’s been said that Matt has the potential to cut out more trees in this forest than anyone ever.  He’s sort of a machine when it comes to the crosscut saw, those who have worked with him know what I mean.  What’s even better is that Sonia is along for almost all these trips as well.  They might be the coolest trail couple out there.  A great team, always safe, always fun and doing fantastic volunteer work for the forest.  Well, fortunately, they multiplied this past week and welcomed a healthy baby boy to the Los Padres.  While some of us were hoping they’d choose the name Sawyer, they picked the equally impressive name of Clayton.  Huge congratulations out to Matt and Sonia and we can’t wait to see Clayton out on the trail watching the saw sing.  Which we all know will happen very soon, if it hasn’t happened already.  Enjoy the time………

A   Z O N E    H U N T I N G

A Zone South hunting season starts August 9 and runs through September 21.  This is the start of the general season, archery was most of July and August.  Take a look at the links, attachments and maps below for more information.  A Zone South basically covers the entire Los Padres west of Hwy 33 and south of Rose Valley.  The first weekend of hunting season is usually the most chaotic and busy.  If you are heading to the forest this weekend, be prepared for busy campgrounds and potentially lots of people out and about.  You’ll want to wear bright colors if possible and leave the antlers at home.  Be respectful, safe and best of luck.