First Six Days of Trailsmas

The LP Forest Service has made it a priority to focus on the restoration of the lands affected by the 2007 Zaca Fire.  The highlight of 2015 for the LPFA was being able to team up with the FS and focus our trail work efforts on many of the trails that were affected by the 2007 Zaca Fire.  Lots of great work was accomplished on some pretty overgrown trails and we wanted to share these accomplishments with you.  We all know about the 12 Days of Christmas and most of us should know about advent calendars where each day in December you open another window on a countdown to Christmas, right? Well, we decided to try a combination of the two as we highlight each of these trail projects:


So, every other day in December we’ve posted on Facebook a small report highlighting one of the 12 trail projects within the Zaca Fire perimeter we helped accomplish this past year. As cheesy as it may sound, think of it as a special present for each of us, every other day. And for those of you who like to frequent the trails that were affected by Zaca, this should provide fuel for dreaming up your next backcountry adventure.  We’ve made it through the first 6 days of Trailsmas, below are links to each of these projects:

1st Day of Trailsmas: A Working Vacation on the Sisquoc Trail
2nd Day of Trailsmas: Logging Madulce Trail
3rd Day of Trailsmas: ACE Clearing Santa Cruz Trail
4th Day of Trailsmas: Alamar Trail National Public Lands Day
5th Day of Trailsmas: Buckhorn Trail Logging
6th Day of Trailsmas: Mono-Alamar with the CCC




As mentioned last time, we are compiling a 2016 calendar featuring photos from around the Los Padres.  Thanks to all of you who contributed, we received a great assortment of really nice photos.  Each district is well represented with photos ranging from the Big Sur Backcountry to the SB Frontcountry, and from Mt. Pinos to the Santa Lucia Wilderness.  It looks really good!  While the calendars will eventually make their way to the Ranger Stations, they are available for pre-order online as well.  We’re planning to go to print early next week with the hope that calendars will be mailed before Christmas.  For more information check the link below:


– Some additional road and campground closures in the Ojai Ranger District, see attachments.  These include Middle Lion, Nordhoff, Sisar, Dough Flat, Reyes Peak, Rose Valley Camp and Cherry Creek.

– The Forest Supervisors Office is looking into moving from it’s Goleta office to another locations elsewhere in Santa Barbara County.  They are asking for input from stakeholders and other interested public.  See attached PDF for more information.

– We’ve been getting lots of questions about when the fire restrictions will be lifted.  The general rule is that the forest needs to receive at least 2 inches of rain.  While some areas have received well over 2 inches, most of the forest is still below the 2 inch threshold.  Rain is forecast across the forest this next week, lets hope there is enough to lift the restrictions.  We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything………

– The Ojai Ranger District is hosting a trail project tomorrow (Saturday December 12) on the Howard Creek Trail. I know it’s short notice but if you are interested, meet at the Ojai Ranger Station before 8:30am with the usual necessities for a day of trail work.  For more information contact Heidi Anderson:

Enjoy the weekend everyone, hope to see you on the trail………..



Alcove Potrero calendar submission, by Christian Maurer