April 16, 2016 – Weekend Activity Guide

Poppie Pano, Fig Mtn, April 2016
PoppyPanoSpring is still in full swing!  It’s a busy weekend on the forest with things to do and trails to see.  Hoping you get out this weekend to camp, ride, drive, sight-see, backpack, swim, jump, worm or explore.  Whatever you’re looking for, chances are it’s out there this weekend, go get it!  Now, if you’re looking for some things to do, we’ve got a few suggestions below:

Saturday 4/16: 10am – 2pm
Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center

This Saturday is the 11th annual Wheeler Gorge Open House at Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center, Ojai Ranger District.  The Open House marks the start of the Wheeler Gorge summer season of activities and interpretive events.  The Open House features booths from a variety of educational organizations around Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.  Most of the booths are setup for the kiddies, this is a great event to bring the family.  There’s reptile petting zoos, geology specialists, Santa Barbara Zoo, Sierra Club, Friends of the California Condor, Craig Carey will be talking trails, birds on display, a guided nature walk by Lanny Kaufer and much much more….  It’s a great time, you’ll learn a bunch about the forest, it’s just 15mins outside of Ojai and best of all – you’ll keep the kids busy for a few hours – that is priceless, right?!  See you there………
Saturday & Sunday 4/16-17: All Day
Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
For those in the SB area, SB Earth Day is a great time!  Did you know that Earth Day was started in SB?  The LPFA will once again have a booth setup for the weekend.  We’ll have games for the kids, Los Padres trivia contests, maps to stare at and a variety of LP’centric fun!  Come on by and say hello, or better yet, volunteer for an hour or two.  We’ll give you a shirt as incentive and it would be great to hang out.  INFO@LPForest.org to sign up!
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While we’re at it, don’t forget that next Tuesday, April 19th is the first LPFA Trail Talk event at the Veterans Hall in SB.  Get your tickets while you can……. see attached flier.

And Alamar Trail project on April 29-May 1.  This is a great time and a fantastic opportunity to visit some of the deepest, most remote, beautiful sections of the forest.  Come and join us, you won’t be disappointed!

For more volunteer projects and opportunities, check here and here…..

Hope to see you out and about and please share any trail updates you might have on HikeLosPadres.com

CTSLOView View from the Condor Trail, SLO Backcountry