Welcome to the Los Padres Forest Association

Never fear, the trails are not closed but our site is getting updated and we thought it would be cute to have a trails closed sign.  Cute, right?  Stay tuned and if you’d like to be added to our email list where we send out trail updates, email us at:



BUT, while the site is under construction we are still posting some cool things.  Here is a series of shots a friend of the LPFA took recently. Click on the link and enjoy:



Since 1979, the LPFA has worked in close cooperation with the Los Padres National Forest to support its mission. Through the development of web resources, support for forest care and interpretive programs and protection of heritage resources, the LPFA seeks to enrich visitor experiences while helping to protect forest resources.

Vounteering is a strong part of our tradition as a forest association and is essential to keeping a healthy forest that we can all enjoy. Learn more about the valuable services LPFA volunteers provide or go straight to our Volunteer Center–where you can match your interests to one of many volunteer opportunities.

Learning about the forest is one of LPFA’s most critical missions. Our Wheeler Center promotes an understanding of forest ecology through its docent program and regularly-scheduled interpretive activities. We are also offering a Junior Ranger program at the Center to introduce your kids to the forest.

LPFA also offers regularly scheduled day hikes and extended overnight trips to provide opportunities for the public to experience the forest upclose.

The LPFA supports the development of regional chapters and provides opportunities for partnershipswith organizations interested in supporting forest programs.

Books, maps and other forest-related materials can be purchased through our sales outlets. Profits from the sales outlets support our forest care and grant programs.