LPFA Trail Crew

Santa Paula Canyon

The Los Padres Forest Association Trail Crew conducts trail work in and around the Los Padres National Forest. Working in partnership with US Forest Service, our crew dedicates thousands of hours towards maintaining and building trails on our public land.

We are grateful for our community partners such as the Los Padres National Forest, Montecito Trails Foundation, Santa Barbara Trails Council and many others. Our community is what drives us to continue this work for years to come.

The LPFA trail crew completes a wide variety of tasks on the forest such as:

Big Cone Spruce crosscut project

• Maintain trail tread and corridors to trail standards, such as clearing blow downs, brushing trail corridors, and maintaining sustainable drainage structures
• Attend and assists in facilitating tail-gate safety meetings.
• Use personal protective equipment (PPE) and use proper safety procedures while performing trail construction and maintenance work.
• Use and maintain a variety of tools such as single and double jacks, Pulaski, McLeod, rock bars, hand saws, axe, picks, shovel, chainsaw, crosscut, etc.
• Builds trails with associated materials, restores impacted areas, and replaces signage as needed.
• Prepares materials needed for each job, ensures proper tool maintenance, and reports work completed.
• Plans and implements the logistics of projects associated with trail maintenance projects. May perform trail condition surveys.
• Explains regulations concerning trail maintenance specific to the Wilderness Act. Inspects assigned areas to determine compliance with regulations or specifications.
• May interact with forest visitors and when assigned, educates visitors covering trail maintenance and cleanup.
• Work alongside and assist LPFA volunteers in a safe and respectful manner.
• Backpack/ camp in remote locations for many days at a time.

Post Thomas Fire, San Ysidro

Our crew often camps out for 5 days at a time in remote, backcountry settings. A day on a project generally involves hiking up to 15 miles, swinging tools, and taking in the aw-inspiring scenery of the Los Padres.  We are proud to have a hardworking team dedicated to ensuring public access to the forest for years to come. If you would like more information on how to work with our team, please contact INFO@lpforest.org.

Cliffs of Insanity, Tread Repair